Who Are We?



WAAY Institute of Event Management

“If passion is your will, then this is the way to harness it.”

Nowadays, pursuing a professional course has become a popular choice among students. No longer wanting to be cocooned amidst the painstakingly conventional professions, students wish to take up a career path event management colleges in delhi that is both invigorating and holistic. Students of the 21st century are not ordinary. In fact, they seem to transcend boundaries of what is considered to be extraordinary! Infused with an abundance of passion and vigor, they are the avant- garde of change. In times, when there is hope in the clamour of “Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future”, we believe in becoming facilitators of change. So, if you have the will, we shall become the way. WAAY institute of Event Management seeks to be a leading institute of event management with established presence all over India.


  • WAAY Institute is a first of its kind event management colleges in delhi endeavour amidst other leading private institutions offering event management courses. It is the brainchild of a leading event management company SAIWORX ENTERTAINMENT with an experience of more than 20 years.
  • It will not just be an institution with an aim to impart knowledge, but also a consultancy that believes in guiding and nurturing the career paths of students through counselling sessions.
  • An education full of theories is incomplete without learning its empirical and constructive application. Through workshops, seminars, the Institute will provide hands-on training to students, which will help them gain a practical understanding of the ways in which the industry functions.


Aim & Ambition


WAAY-Institute of Event Management is committed to excellence in event education. This is our ardour whatever our audience and wherever our courses are delivered. The prime functioning axiom of WAAY is to have a blend of experiences that our faculty has gained over the course of their journey with the industry along with a systematic focus on our learning objectives. This equips our students with confidence to face real life situations and master challenges in the events.

We aspire to become the leading education group of India with a belief to mentor and train passionate students who come to us with a hope to enlighten minds; not through ordinary methods, but through innovative and interactive tools of learning. With this aim in mind we want to earn an established presence all over India.

Vision & Mission


To generate a plenitude of talent blossoming in the field of event management and other media related field.


  • To be able to effectively transform young students into professionals ready to face the challenges of the professional world.
  • To nurture young and passionate minds in a right direction with an aim to enhance their personal and professional development.